Designed and made in Australia, Seriously Twisted Jewellery combines traditional craft techniques with hand-picked materials in its eclectic range.

A celebration of individuality and independence, the brand is all about expressing your quirks and individual taste through the discovery of pieces that demonstrate who you are – without even having to introduce yourself.

For owner Megan Wisheart, design is a lifelong passion that led her from being an award-winning graphic artist to what she sees as her true calling, jewellery design. Inspired by the natural wonders of her surroundings, Megan credits both New Zealand, the nation of her birth, and Australia as influences on the beauty of her creations.

Featuring a selection of semi-precious stones, pearls and Swarovski crystals, each piece in the STJ collection is hand-crafted into a unique expression.

If you have a preference for particular stones or colours, Megan would be happy to design and make a bespoke piece on your request.