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About STJ

Welcome to Seriously Twisted Jewellery. This distinctive collection of Australian designed and made costume jewellery is created by two Sydney based designers, Manuela Rocker and Megan Wisheart.

The Company

Seriously Twisted is a boutique design house based in Sydney, Australia. Our designers feed off the creative energy of the ocean, the vast park lands and the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city.

Our Design House evolved out of our own need to find jewellery that was unique and was different to the standard designs coming out of the large design houses. We wanted something else, we wanted to be original, be daring, and create unique designs.

We wanted the jewellery to celebrate each and every person's individuality. Jewellery should be designed to suit you rather than the jewellery defining you. This is the guiding principle that travels through all our designs.

The Owners

Manuela Rocker and Megan Wisheart both live with their families on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They met over 10 years ago selling their handmade jewellery at the Manly Arts and Crafts Market. After an initial surprise at being placed next to each other at the market seeing that both were selling jewellery, their entrepreneurial minds immediately realised that there was great potential for collaboration. They became great friends immediately and almost 10 years on still run a successful company.

They have now also expanded and are manufacturing a children range and run workshops to teach young ones how to make their own beautiful pieces. This is where you can find everything about their new venture   For those of you whot have been following Manuela and Megan you probably also know that Niki and Jett are their young children.

Thank you for your support.

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