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Membership Program

Welcome to the our membership program offered by Seriously Twisted Jewellery.

By becoming a member of the STJ Tribe you will always be the first to know if we're running any specials. Occasionally we'll also send you special newsletter with fashion, make up and hair styling tips. At STJ we love to team up with other like minded small companies who aling themselves nicely with our values. We'll occasionally send you a promotion in collaboration with them but we will never share your details with anybody as per our privacy statement available on our website.

To thank you for joining our STJ Tribe we'll also give you a 10% discount on purchases on our website. The best part is that if we're offering a special discount on any products, you still receive your 10% discount too. In order to see the reduced prices on your screen right from the get go you must log in. If you do not log in then you will only see and pay full prices at check out. Please note that we can't allocate the discounts once the order has been put through. So remember, always log in and the reduced prices will appear, for your eyes only!

PS. don't forget to give us your birthdate!! without that we can't send you a present every year!!

Please note that if the birthday present consists of a gift voucher it needs to be used before your next birthday. If it is not used we won't be able to credit your account with a new one.

Here is to your new membership to the #STJTribe

... and don't forget to take crazy selfies/photos, post them on your Instagram or Facebook account and use #STJTribe!!

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